Looking for someone to play tennis?

Find local racket sports players and courts in your area in seconds.

Looking for someone to play tennis?

Find local racket sports players and courts in your area in seconds.

Spend more time on the court

We’re on a mission to make it quick and easy for racket sport players to find each other, connect and play together. It’s that simple.

And once you’ve found the perfect sport partner, use RacketPal to find thousands of local courts and sport centres to book the best place to play your matches.

From searching tennis players in London to finding the best badminton court, the RacketPal app is designed to help you spend more time on the court and less time missing out.

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Find local players

Looking for someone to play against? Other players in your area are just a tap away. It’s quick and easy to find and connect with local players who are up for a match.

Chat and organise matches

Use our in-app chat to quickly connect with players and organise matches together. You can also organise group matches by chatting to multiple players with a group chat.

Join local leagues

Compete with other players of a similar skill level by signing up to a local league – and potentially win prize money. You can join existing leagues in your area, or create your own.

Hire a coach

Need to up your game? Hire an experienced coach through the app and get ready to improve your technique. Or find a sparring partner to practice with on the court.

Find local courts

Browse local courts and sports venues to find the perfect place to play in your area. And by adding favourite clubs to your profile you can meet other players who also play there.

The easy way to find local players

With RacketPal you can find and connect with local racket sports players in seconds. No more twiddling your thumbs wishing you were playing on the court – now you can get access to thousands of players around you.

Up for a game? Download the free RacketPal app now and start finding pals in your area today.

How it works

You’re just seconds away from joining a thriving community of tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis and padel players.

Download the RacketPal app and create your free account.
Search local players and find the perfect partners in your area.
Set up a match for singles, doubles, or social.
Meet up and play at your favourite local venues.
Add scores in the app and start planning your next match.

Help us be the best

Got an idea? Think there's something we can improve? We'd love to hear from you! Help us make sure that RacketPal is the best app it can be, with your feedback.

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